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Pink or Blue: Baby Gender Indicators

They say mothers know best, but not when it comes to their coming baby’s gender. No, women are not fortune tellers. Neither are they great oracles that can see whether the stork’s dropping a boy or a girl. They do have killer instincts; gut feels that are typically accurate. Nonetheless, its reliability sits on the fence. So, how do expecting mothers or parents find out the baby’s gender? Here are some tips.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar

A calendar discovered hundreds of years ago in China that was said to be able to tell the baby’s gender is one of the ways that expecting parents try to find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl. Most mothers who have used it correctly swear that it is 90% accurate. Doesn’t quite pose a threat to try.

The Heart says it all

Nope. It’s not only love that can be foretold by the heartbeat. It apparently can say whether the new parents should buy pink or blue baby items. If the heart beats within 140 beats per minute, it’s said to be a boy. But if it goes beyond 140 per minute, then the parents better start buying pink everything.

Swing the Ring

So, what happens if you thread a wedding ring and dangle it over an expecting mother’s belly? Yes, it will reveal the gender of the coming baby. If it swings back and forth, it’s a boy. If it goes around in a circle, well, it’s a girl. There’s no recorded accuracy for this test, though.

Get a proper test

After doing the ring test, parents may opt for another test with a more scientific basis. They may buy the Intelligender Kit and find out in simple steps whether they’re having little Jane or little John. This has a 90% accuracy just like the Chinese calendar, minus the complex instructions for use. What else can you ask for?

Morning Sickness

It doesn’t only show that a woman has become a new mother, morning sickness can also indicate the gender of the new child. A condition where the mother has more morning sickness says that a baby girl is coming, while less morning sickness points to a new male member of the family. This is backed by science and is based on the mother’s hormonal levels.

Of course, to many parents, the gender of the child is not issue. Whether the stork drops a boy or a baby girl, parents will always love their child. But there’s no harm in knowing the gender prior as part of preparation 101. It will also increase enthusiasm in welcoming the newest addition to the family.


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